Is it time to have your water tested?

What you should know before you test.

As a private well owner you are responsible for assuring that your water is safe to drink. In addition to illness, a variety of less serious problems such as taste, color, odor and staining of clothes or fixtures are symptoms of water quality problems. Even water that appears problem-free may not necessarily be safe or acceptable.

Not everyone needs to test their water and it is impractical and unnecessary to test for all possible contaminants. If your water comes from a public or municipal water system, your water is regularly tested for contaminants regulated by Federal and state standards.

If your water comes from your own well, routine testing for a few of the most common contaminants is highly recommended. Even if you currently have a safe, pure water supply, regular testing can be valuable because it establishes a record of water quality. This record can be helpful in solving any future problems and in obtaining compensation if someone damages your water supply.