Required Testing For Real Estate

When buying a home with a well, Oregon requires the seller to complete a water test and notify the buyer of the results. The tests required for a RE transaction are Coliform Bacteria, Nitrate and Arsenic. If you want more extensive testing you must request it.

Suggested/Optional Testing

As part of our on going water education, we have designed several unique profiles highlighting the most common contaminates in Southern Oregon. The Great 30 is a set of metals and minerals which have been specifically designed to meet the testing needs of the Rogue Valley. It not only fulfills the required testing for a real estate transaction, but also covers the specific contaminants, both harmful and nuisance, found in the Rogue Valley. This set of testing eliminates the unnecessary expense incurred by testing for contaminants that are not found in our area due to the makeup of our rock layers. There are many sets and numbers of contaminants that you can test for, but we only recommend what is found in our area.

The Water Lab's primary focus is water. This has made us the preferred lab, assisting home buyers and real estate agents with their water testing needs for over 30 years.

We are also happy to give a free consultation regarding any concerns or treatment needs that you might have. Keep in mind that we only specialize in testing and do not sell any treatment systems to ensure an unbiased assessment. Our goal is to keep you and your family healthy and informed.

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